Houston Weather Getting Bad Please Be Careful

By | August 18, 2018

Houston Weather is going to get Very Bad Today

Houston Weather is going to be very bad today. Please be very careful when driving. Do not presume water on a road is shallow always treat water on the road as if it is deep. In fact, we at Houston Junk Car Buyer recommend staying home or at work until the weather passes today.

What to do if Your Vehicle Stalls in High Water during Houston Weather

What does if you go through water and your vehicle cuts off. First thing does not try to restart your vehicle. If you do, try to restart your vehicle you will suck water into your engine from your exhaust and ruin your engine.

The second thing is if the water is not too deep, get out and seek shelter. Do not sit in your vehicle because the water could suddenly raise. Your vehicle is replaceable you are not. Once you get out of your vehicle you can call and get help or your mechanic.

Houston weather is so unpredictable. We will have very bad street flooding over the next couple of days. Looks like we are going to have rain until Friday. Please be very careful during this bad Houston Weather.

Please be Very Careful During the Bad Storms Coming to Houston Weather can be very Unpredictably

The morning weather is forecasting very bad storms and even tornados to the Houston areas. We at Houston Junk Car Buyer wants to make sure that everybody is aware of the very bad weather coming to the area. Please be careful while driving, if you have to get out in this weather.

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