We Buy Junk Cars in any Condition from 1886 to 2016

We buy junk cars running or not, any year, any make, or any condition! We pay up to $50,000 for your vehicle. We are not only a late model car buyer but also purchase any vehicle no matter of its age. Houston Junk Car Buyer not only pays you top dollar for your vehicle, but we also tow it for free. Yes, I said free!

Here is a Short List of Vehicle Types We Buy Junk Cars

A short list of vehicles that is purchased by Houston Junk Car Buyer this is not a complete list so if you don’t see your vehicle type on here, then please call us to check:

  • We purchase nonrunning or running
    We don’t care if your car is running or not. We buy any car; we don’t care if it is running or not!
  • We purchase high mileage
    If you have a high mileage vehicle, and it is not worth much we are more than happy to make you an offer on that car. We pay more than you will get trading it in.
  • We purchase wrecked vehicles
    Have you or a family member had an auto accident and didn’t know what to do with it. Turn it into cash!buy junk cars
  • We purchase insurance totals
    Did your insurance company pay you for your vehicle and not remove it or tell you it is your responsibility to dispose of it? Not a problem Houston Junk Car Buyer has you covered!
  • We purchase company vehicles
    Does your business have some old cars they would like to retire from their fleet? We handle these situations all the time. I am confident nobody will or can beat our payouts!
  • We purchase new vehicles
    Do you have a new or late model car and have decided that you don’t want it? We will pay you top dollar for it!
  • We purchase old vehicles
    Have an old antique car you would like to liquidate? Junk Car Buyers Houston loves buying antique cars. We feel as though these are a part of American history!
  • We purchase flooded vehicles
    Let us face it; Houston floods a lot; we can help it. If your car or truck flooded and you are in need to get rid of it, we will pay you top dollar for flooded cars and trucks!
  • We purchase unwanted vehicles
    We buy all unwanted vehicles on the spot, cash paid!

There are much more types of vehicles we buy. We always pay top dollar for all vehicles. Call 713-592-2576 for a free no obligation quote.

Why We Buy Junk Cars in Any Condition or Years

There are several reasons why we buy junk cars in any condition. Below are a few reasons why we purchase these and have been for years in the Houston areas. We always offer top cash for junk cars!

  • To recycle and reclaim valuable natural resources.
    We have a network of Salvage Yards and core buyers that purchase parts from us. This helps to keep the prices down for all of us!
  • Clean up people’s yards, driveways, or yards.
    Let’s face it an old vehicle sitting in your driveway, yard or garage just isn’t right, it takes up valuable space and could leak harmful fluids. You don’t want your family or pets around this!
  • Help keep Home Owners Associations, HOA’s, from fining homeowners.
    Homeowners Associations are an evil we all don’t care for, but we have to deal with them. Have you received a notice that they are going to find you? Not a problem sell it to Houston Junk Car Buyer on the spot for cash!
  • Keep Vehicles from polluting the local water table.
    Our natural water supply being so easy to get polluted we all have to take great care not to pollute accidentally it. Your old vehicle could be just doing that. Over time, the fluids will leak out of your vehicle and soak into the ground and make their way to everybody’s water supply.

How to get a Quote from We Buy Junk Cars

Getting a quote from Houston Auto Buyer is easy. Simply give us a call and answer a few questions. We will then instantly give you a free no obligation quote. A quote you can count on. Don’t forget we offer free pickup and cash on the spot! Houston Junk Car Buyer has all of your car selling needs to be covered!

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