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Answers to the Most Common Questions Asked by Clients Calling into Our We Buy Junk Cars Quote Line

This article will go over a lot of the questions we receive from clients calling into our service. We hope that this helps answer any questions you may have. We try to note down questions that customers ask us when they call into our we buy junk cars quote line. About once a month we go over these and try to answer the most common questions asked by clients.

We enjoy answering your questions. Even if we do not purchase your vehicle, we are more than happy to answer any questions you may have about the sale of your vehicle, we can not give you legal advice. We look at this as helping our fellow Houstonians.

  1. Do I need a title to sell you my vehicle?
    he answer is yes and no. We will explain for you. Yes, we must make sure you own the vehicle with no liens or money owed. If you don’t have a title, we can help you obtain a certified copy of your title.
  2. My title was lost what do I do?
    A very common question we get on a daily basis. Getting a replacement title is easy, and we will walk you thru the steps.
    Step One: You will need your Vehicle Identification Number. You can get this number from an old registration form, insurance card or off of the vehicle itself. On your vehicle, the VIN is located in two comfortable places, the driver’s side of the lower windshield or the inside of the driver’s door jam. It is a 17-digit number unique to every vehicle.
    Step Two: Fill out this form located here. This form the state of Texas requires to give you a certified copy of your title.
    Step Three: Go to the regional TXDOT office located at 2110 East Governors Circle Houston, TX 77092 Phone Number (713) 316-6100.
    Step Four: Once you arrive at the office an information person is sitting by the front door, explain to them you would like to purchase a certified copy of your title, they will then tell you what line you will need to be in. You will need $5.45 in cash to pay for the certified copy of your title. The office is unable to take any bills over $20.00.
    Step Five: Call us and let us know you have obtained a certified copy of your title, and we will purchase your vehicle.
  3. You have a lien on your vehicle. Can we still purchase it?
    The quick answer to this is no; we are unable to purchase vehicles with liens on them. Now we can pay claims off on vehicles that we are interested in, but we will have to review your balance owed and the condition of your vehicle.
    Note: If you have paid your lien off on your vehicle but have not removed it from your title our We Buy Junk Cars representative can help you.
  4. Do you sell vehicles and can I trade my car in on a car you have for sale?
    We do NOT sell vehicles to the public. The vehicles we purchase are for salvage. So many other junk car buyers try to curb selling cars, which is illegal in Texas. These sales often go unreported, and the titles don’t get transferred correctly. A far-reaching issue that can hurt both car buyers and sellers. Also, this can also have legal ramifications on the person these car buyers initially purchased the automobile from.
  5. Are we able to remove our aftermarket accessories we have added to our vehicle, including my radio and rims?
    Sure why not, this is your stuff. You have to understand, by removing the rims and radio there will be a flat deduction. We purchase your vehicle for the purpose of salvage and recycling.
  6. What paperwork or what is required when your wrecked shows up?
    The main thing we need is you. You will need a state issued identification or driver’s license. Your vehicle title is a must. We have state mandated paperwork we must fill out, and you have to sign.
  7. Is there a charge for towing?
    Not. Many years ago we started free towing for all vehicles we purchase, now every company has copied, and we are happy. How can we charge you for towing a vehicle you are selling us?
  8. How long does it take for me to sell my vehicle to the We Buy Junk Cars Program?
    Not long at all. Most of the time we pick up the same day as you called us. So many other so-called junk car buyers charge you extra for same day pickup, this is wrong and taking advantage of people. We are not that type of company.
  9. Am I able to bring my vehicle to you?
    Of course, you can. If your car runs and you would like to call us to bring your vehicle to us. When you arrive, we will assess the vehicle for damage and give you a quote.
  10. What are the most you pay for vehicles?
    We always focus on paying the most for cars vehicles running or not. Just recently we paid $60,000 for a wrecked exotic sports car. We don’t care what kind of automobile it is we will pay top dollar for it!
  11. My vehicle is broken down somewhere besides my house, are you still able to pick it up?
    100% we can. Your vehicle must be in a safe place so our wreckers can pick it up. There are no extra charges for this service. Some companies will go down on the price they are willing to pay, but we do not.
  12. Do We Buy Junk Cars handle everything or do you use any outside companies?
    Yes, we handle everything in-house. Sometimes we have to use outside companies like here recently when we had the floods. We always put our clients’ safety first and foremost. We do not sell your information to other car buyers or companies. When selling junk cars you have to make sure you are using a real professional company.
  13. How will I be paid for my vehicle?
    By law, we have to pay by check. You do not have to wait to get paid. When our wrecker comes out to pick up your vehicle, you will be given then. There is no waiting for extended periods of time or having to drive across town only to find out, you are not getting what you expected.
  14. Is the check for my vehicle from a local bank?
    Of course, we are a local junk car buyer, not some company located in another city or state. You can take the check to your bank, our bank or a check cashing service.

We Buy Junk Cars Program is a Large Local Program

We buy junk cars program is the biggest in the area. We have grown to be the biggest in South Texas. We have grown this program by treating our clients with respect, dignity and good ole fashioned Texas honor. Some people make fun of our hospitality but most of these companies are actually not from this region of the country. Our clients are not just a number they are real live people. We know it is an honor for you to call us and use our service. We love giving car cash out to our clients!

How to Get a Quote from Our We Buy Junk Cars Program

Getting a quote is easy as can be. First, give us a call, we will ask you a few questions and based on the answers we will give you the best possible quote and stick to our quote. When you accept our quote, we will then schedule your vehicle to be picked up at a convenient time. We do not want to interrupt your daily activities. Call 713-592-2576 for you We Buy Junk Cars offer.

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