Wanting a “New Cash Car” ?

By | May 29, 2019

Okay so you are buying a “new cash car”, what to do with the old one?

Just because you have purchased a newer car doesn’t mean your older car is junk. A large portion of the population upon receiving their tax return refund make large purchases. As a human we always want bigger, better and newer. From a new home to a fancy car to your dream vacation all are dream purchase’s. Most people treat a tax refund as a saving’s account. Sometime’s we need to upgrade our vehicle’s to accommodate a growing family. Commuting every day to and from work with no ac or heater in the clunk of junk. So what sign’s do I need to look for when buying a new used car?

What am I looking for in a “new cash car”?

Making a list of item’s you are wanting in a “new cash car”  can help eliminate a variety of vehicles. When creating this list do it in order of importance.  As your family grows or down size’s these need’s change.  Ether your family is growing our your commute is killing you in fuel. There is no “right” time to make this change. But by presetting your budget and knowing what you need is a great place to start.

Use  4 of  your 5 senses to help pick out a “new cash car”.

What to SMELL for when you are looking at a “new used car”:

  • mold/mildew
  • burnt oil
  • smoke
  • electrical burning
  • fuel

What to LOOK for when shopping for a “new used car” :

  • mold/mildew
  • burnt spots
  • missing air bags
  • inspection
  • clear title
  • good tires
  • mileage
  • fluid leaks

What to FEEL for when looking for your “new used car”:

  • pull the oil dipstick and check for any grit in the oil
  • check under the seat for any standing water
  • feel under the dash for any liquid drip’s

What to LISTEN for when you are taking a test drive:

  • Any grinding noise
  • breaks squeaking
  • belts squealing
  • engine knocking

These are just a few of the hundred’s of things to look for when purchasing any vehicle new or used.

How should I sell my old car?

The easiest way is to trade it in on a “new cash car”. In doing so, the car lot’s will give you pennies on the dollar for any trade in’s.

Listed below is a variety of simple ways to get the most from your “junk car”:

  • word of mouth
  • social media
  • online sale’s site’s
  • local parking lot
  • donating it
  • sell it as a “junk car”

These are just a few way’s to sell that “junk car”.

What do I need to do to  my “junk car” before I sell it?

  • Remove any personal item’s
  • Remove the Licence  Plate
  • Print a Texas Bill Of Sale Document
  • Schedule appointments to show your vehicle
  • Have a “SAFE” place to meet potential buyer’s

Am I prepared?

Knowledge is power, and the more you can educate yourself the more power you have. In today’s time any important information is at your fingertip’s.  So what are you waiting for, GET SHOPPING!!!