About Houston Junk Car Buyer

Houston Junk Car Buyer Has been in the Houston Area for Way Over 40 Years.

Houston Junk Car Buyer has been in the Houston area for a very long time. Papa John’s grandfather, who started up this business back when I was just 8 years old! He saw an opportunity to help people get rid of their old cars and trucks while reclaiming all that useful metal from them too – so much easier than trying other ways with less success or profitability at hand already?
2 decades later my dad took over running things since he had a knack for marketing as well–he recognized how big our market could become if someone would only apply the knowledge and hard work.

Houston Junk Car Buyer Tows Your Vehicle for Free.

Houston Junk Car Buyer will buy your vehicle hassle-free. We’ll tow the car for free and never charge a penny! Other junk car buyers might deduct some or all of their towing fee from what you sell it for, but we won’t ever do that – because why should someone have trouble making payments just because they bought something used? The state licensed us too so there’s no need in being worried about getting jumped by thieves on top of everything else…

You want to make sure that your vehicle sale is handled legally and with the state of Texas license. There are fly-by-night car buyers who don’t hold a valid license, this could cost you in future lawsuits or fines if something goes wrong later on down the line – so watch out!

Houston Junk Car Removal

When you have a junk car, it’s hard to know what to do. You could try looking for one of those second-hand dealers but they may be out there waiting with their hands full too! Or maybe your best bet is just calling Junk Car Removal Today – we’ll come to pick up and tow away that old clunker no matter where in the North County area our customers live as long as it’s a legal pollution-free zone (that means without any major damage). So give us a call now before someone beats ya’ over the head about why haven’t called already 😉

Junk Car Buyer Never Sells or Gives away your Information.

Houston Junk Car Buyer is committed to protecting your personal information. We will never give or sell you stuff without getting a promise from us first that it won’t go into any other database, so there’s no chance of someone else using this info against me later down the line when they have access to all my records!
A lot goes on behind the scenes here at HJCB–we’re not just another company with an internet presence…our business is actually located here in Houston Texas!

Your personal information is put at risk when going to a fly-by-night junk car buyer. These people are usually not in the Houston area, and they work out of another city or state – sometimes even abroad!

No matter what type of junk car you have, we can help! If it’s time for an upgrade or just looking to get rid of old vehicles that are taking up space in your garage- Contact Houston Junk Car Buyer today. We’ll ask a few quick questions and give y’all pricing on the spot without any obligation whatsoever – so don’t wait because there won’t be another opportunity like this one soon enough.

If you would like a no-obligation quote, then please give us a call at 713-429-0532. We will ask you a couple of questions and give you a quote on the spot. If you are happy with the quote Houston Junk Car Buyer will schedule your vehicle to be picked up at your convenience. Remember to get your junk car removal here!

About Houston Junk Car Buyer