Sell Your Junk Car in Houston Texas

Are you looking to sell your junk car, Houston? You have found us either by searching on one of the search engines or seen our ad somewhere. We would like to first take a moment to thank you for taking the time to look into our little local company. We have been serving Houston for over 40 years!

Sell Your Junk Car Houston Instantly

We have set up a system in the Houston area and the suburbs where you are able to instantly sell your junk car. Never no waiting or jumping through hoops to get your vehicle sold. We have made the process as easy as we legally are able.

When you sell your junk car you are going to be picked up by one of our tow trucks, not some third party that you don’t know if they are legal. We do not sell junk car buyer leads like so many other companies do.

The problem with these companies collecting personal data is you don’t know where or who they are selling your data to. Usually, they are not a licensed auto broker or their website is not an https site. This should bring red flags but so many people overlook it.sell your junk car

Here at Houston Junk Car Buyer, we run annual background checks on our employees. This is for the safety of the people trusting us to come to their homes and be around their families. It is an honor to meet Houston’s sell your junk car needs!

What Separates Houston Junk Car Buyer from The Other Sell Your Junk Car Companies?

This is an easy one! We have and continue to be right here in the Houston area for over 40 years. Being the original junk car buyer of Houston has allows us to see companies come and go. In all this time we have had very few complaints. Our goal is to make you a happy family member!

No other company will take the time and explain the details to you like we do. It is important to us that you know the whole process. An educated seller is the best kind of seller!

We do some things that other companies do not do. If you have a question about selling you junk car and you are going with another company we will gladly answer them, even if we are not purchasing you junk car or truck.

Would You Like a Sell Your Junk Car Quote

if you would like a sell your junk car quote please call us. We buy cars for cash on the spot. Most of the time we will have you picked up with the hour. Even though we are not always able to pick up on the same day, we do our best and usually do!

To get a quote from Houston Junk Car Buyer just give us a call 713-592-2576 we will ask you a few questions. Based on your answers we will give you a quote you can depend on. We always offer free towing with every vehicle we purchase. So you don’t have to worry about arranging drop off or bringing us the vehicle. Don’t wait to give us a call now for a quote 713-592-2576. Sell your junk car to Houston Junk Car Buyer!

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