Sell your Junk Car One Hour for Cash Today

Top dollar paid for your junk car or truck today! Are you looking to sell a junk car in or around Houston? We are Houston’s, best junk car Removal Company. We will come to you at your home or office and bring you cash for your junk car. Pick up your vehicle at your convenience. We will pay cash for any car running or not. No vehicle is too new or too old for us to purchase.

To get started just give us a call 713-592-2576. Our direct employees and family answer the phone. This is to make sure that you are well taken care of. We do not use a third party answering service; you are speaking to one of us!

In most cases we pick up your junk car or truck the same day that you call us. Means that you will have cash in your pocket today. Not a check or a promise to pay, we will give you real money!

What kind of Junk Car or Unused Cars does Houston Junk Car Buyer Purchase

We buy all types of vehicles. Pay cash for cars, trucks, SUV’s, van, RV’s, four wheelers, and trailers. Don’t care how old or new they are we pay cash on the spot. Not only pay you cash we also tow your vehicles for free. Cash for junk cars!

We are your one-stop solution for selling your junk car or truck.

How much can I Receive for my Junk Car or Truck?

How much we pay for your junk car or truck is a case by case basis. We assess each vehicle on a case by case basis. Will ask you a few questions about the car and give you a quote based on your answers. Stuck by our quotes; our company does not come out and go down on our quotes what we tell you is the cash we give you. Call us for your free no obligation quote 713-592-2576.

When we pick up your vehicle, you get cash that day. There is no waiting for payment or checks with us. Some junk car buyers try to the Western Union or PayPal you the money, not us. You call us, and we pick up the vehicle the same day. It’s that easy. No games no gimmicks. Our tow truck driver arrives with the cash.

We do not have any hidden charges. A lot of junk car buyers will quote you a price then remove towing from the price once it comes time to pay you for the vehicle. We do not do this. In fact, we do a lot of things other junk car buyers don’t do. We take care of all the title paperwork for you, and free towing. We handle everything for you.

Why should I use Houston Junk Car Buyer

Because we are a native Houstonian company, who loves the city we are involved in! We will pick your vehicle up fast. Having the highest possible payouts for your junk car or truck. A reputable company that has been in the Houston area for over forty years. One of the oldest junk car buyers in Texas.

Houston Junk Car Buyer