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 “We Pay Top Dollar for Junk Vehicles!”

We will accept any car, any truck or any van. We don’t care about the condition! We want them all!

We will give you a fair quote instantly. Nobody pays more than us.

No need for you to have to do the paperwork we will do it for you. We don’t charge for doing the state-mandated paperwork. This is all part of our junk car buyers service!

We never had any hidden fees. Some junk car buyers try to charge customers for towing or title transfers we do not. We have continually kept the highest payouts in the industry!

Three of Our Simple Steps to Getting Quick Cash for Your Junk Car

  1. Call for Your Quote
  2. Get Picked Up Today!
  3. Get Paid the Same Day!

Welcome to Houston Junk Car Buyers; We Pay Cash for Junk Cars!

Do you have an old junk car? Looking for real junk car buyers? You have found the right place! Give us a call right now, 713-592-2576, to get a no obligation quote. We do not care what kind of shape it is in! We will pay you for it.

We recycle everything in your vehicle. Nothing goes to waste; we even recycle your old upholstery! This is the best for the environment! GO GREEN!

You may be surprised at how much your old junk car is worth! A lot of times we ask what our customers what they want for their vehicle, we end up giving them more than what they wanted!

How can Houston Junk Car Buyers Pay More Than Any Other Junk Car Buyers?

We have built many relationships with nationwide part suppliers; these vendors will pay us for old parts to be refurbished and sold. This allows us to pay top dollar for your junk cars n matter the condition! This keeps your old junk car from sitting in a junk yard.

Call us Right Now For Your No Obligation Quote for your Junk Car! Same Day Pick Up!

Your Vehicle is wrecked, has missing parts, flats, caught on fire, or just parked for a long time, no problem we will pay you top dollar for your vehicle.

Call us; we will ask you a few questions about your junk car or junk truck. Based on your answers we will give you a quote for your vehicle.

You Don’t Need To Tow or Drive Your Vehicle to Us; We Will Tow It For Free, Yes We Offer Free Junk Car Removal!

Once you call us for a free no-obligation estimate, we will arrange a convenient pickup time for your vehicle. There is absolutely no charge for us picking up your car. We have always offered free junk car removal!

When our truck arrives to pick up your junk car or junk truck, the junk car buyer will pay you on the spot! Yes, we pay you the day we take your vehicle. There is no waiting for your money! We don’t come out to look at your car to get you an exact price; we give you your exact price over the phone that our tow truck will be giving you!

Give us a call right now for your no obligation quote 713-592-2576. We are your best junk car buyers choice!

Junk Car Buyers