Junk Car Buyer now Offering Same Day Pickup!

Time to make Holiday money?

“Money, Money, Money “Pockets ain’t empty, because” and “We ain’t hungry no more” are all well-known money phrases. In reality. Money does not materialize out of thin air. Is there no money tree in your backyard? Let us work together to fix this! Houston Junk Car Buyer is here to assist you. Let’s tidy up the yard or declutter the garage!

We at Houston Junk Car Buyers are here to assist you! Whether you’re running or not, we’ve got you covered. We make our way to you! Our free tow truck drivers will come to you and give you cash on the spot for automobiles!

Do I have to pay to have my car towed?

With every car purchase, complimentary towing is included. The tow truck driver will pay you immediately in cash or by cheque. With four sites in and around Houston, we can respond quickly! Junk Car Buyer pays cash for broken automobiles.

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What qualifies as a” junk car “?

We will purchase any make, model, or year of vehicle. Whatever state it is in! Houston Junk Car Buyers is here to assist you! Do you own a wrecked car that has accumulated dirt and rust? The wife and HOA have had enough of “the project car” remaining unattended? We are the key to resolving all of these issues!

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How much money can I receive?

Offers are continuously changing. We cannot guarantee any pricing unless an offer is accepted and all necessary information is submitted. Our objective is to deliver prompt, hassle-free service as well as experienced guidance throughout the process. Being the quickest and most convenient option to receive CASH for your junk or unwanted car. Certain junkyards may charge you for the service of picking it up from your address. HOUSTON JUNK CAR BUYERS is always happy to give a complimentary courtesy tow! Our first aim is to pay you CASH for your junk car!

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 Can I schedule a pickup around my schedule?

We’re available seven days a week and have a live person standing by to discuss selling your car with you! We purchase automobiles in any condition. You may earn money from your vehicle depending on the brand and model. Are you unsure about the value of your car? Call today to learn the value of your car.

Our consumers come first at HOUSTON JUNK CAR BUYER. Here’s how to quickly dispose of your old lemon.


This is how it works:

  • Over the phone quote
  • Within 24 hours, the car is picked up.
  • Payment is paid at the time of pick-up.

We are available SEVEN days a week:

Monday to Friday:

8:00 AM TO 6:00 PM

Saturday & Sunday:

9:00 AM TO 3:00 PM

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