Cash for Cars Same Day Pick Up Some Lost Titles are OK

Cash for Cars Same Day Pickup, Have Cash Today with No Waiting!

HCCB has been in the area for over 40 years buying cars for this whole time. Because we are a company that has been in the area, we have built an excellent reputation. With four yards opened to better serve the central city and the outlining smaller cities around it.

Because we are family and operated, we can give you a better service than other car cash services. Through the years of service, we have made great friends and clients that use us over and over, in fact, some of the same families have used us for generations.Cash for Cars Houston

Selling car can be a time-consuming task with many hurdles that the average person does not want to go through. Selling car at times is more headache than it is worth. People come over kick the tires and make a lowball offer that you are not interested in accepting. They may even make an appointment and not show up, wasting even more of your time. This is why we offer the cash for cars service!

HJCB specializes in purchasing junk cars or cash for cars. We do not try to do the things like so many other companies and fix these cars up to retail. We are a salvage company that purchases vehicles for the purpose of selling parts and cores off them. This has been our model since the beginning. Our brand is recognized all over South Texas, as being the largest and highest paying car buyer in the state.

With us Being a Local Junk Car Buyer

With us being a local company we can get over you free towing with same-day pickup.  Our cash for cars program pays cash on the spot for your unwanted car or truck on the spot. The free towing means the wholesale does not cost you anything. In fact, we have the easiest process of all companies.

Houston Junk Car

Sell Car No Title

If you have lost the title to your vehicle, we can purchase it. There are a certain set of rules and regulations we must follow when giving cash for cars with no title. We must complete these rules no matter what.

We will need the vehicle’s identification number to run the registration to verify that it is in your name. There cannot be an open lien on the vehicle if there is a lien we will call to confirm that it is evident. It is illegal to sell or purchase a vehicle with an open claim on it.

You will need a valid form of state or government identification. If these are expired or lost, we are not able to purchase them. We have to follow this rule to be compliant we the laws

When our driver arrives, they will have a little paperwork to fill out and get two thumbprints, one of each thumb. We are unable to bypass any of these rules, so please do not ask.

Get Your Instant No Obligation Quote

To receive instant no-obligation cash for cars, quote please call 713-429-0532. Our local office will answer and ask you a few questions based on your answers we will give you the highest possible quote. When you accept the quote, you will be scheduled to be picked up. We do our best to take your vehicle the same day you call. Of course, the towing is always free of charge. The towing will be done at your convenience, not ours. We do not want to interrupt your day or schedule. The biggest compliment you could ever give us is a referral to your friends and family!.

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