Buy Junk Cars for Cash in Houston Texas

Houston Auto Buyers Always Buy Junk Cars for Cash

We buy junk cars for cash in the Houston area. We always offer same day pick up and cash on the spot. We purchase running and non-running vehicles. Top dollar is always paid.

When Houston Auto Buyers purchases your vehicle we always tow it for free. We will never charge you for towing your vehicle, like so many of these other companies do. Our goal is to make the sale of your vehicle as easy as possible.

How the Buy Junk Cars for Cash Program Works

Our buy junk cars for cash program is a simple program put together to meet the high demand of our area. We like the fact that we are the biggest and oldest junk car buyer in the Houston area. We also like the fact that everything is handled in-house. Nothing is handled by any third party companies. This means your information is all kept internal and is not sold.

There are so many other companies out there that simply work on a referral basis. This is great until you look at the whole picture. Lead capture companies do not care who or how they sell the lead to. The people that purchase the leads are often times not even licensed to purchase vehicles. This could cause you issues in the future.

Houston Auto Buyers has you covered Because we have the foundation set up to handle everything in the house. This ensures that your transaction is safe and secure with no issues. Your satisfaction is our number one priority with our in house buy junk cars program.

How to get a Buy Junk Cars for Cash Quote

Getting a car buy quote is easy as can be. Simply give us a call at 713-592-2576, we will ask you a few questions and based on your answers we will give you a free no obligation quote. We will schedule your vehicle to be picked up at your convenience. We are able to pick it up where ever it is, work, home or even school. Remember we are the only ones that pay top dollar for buy junk cars for cash!

buy junk cars for cash