We Buy Junk Cars On Spot for Top Dollar

We Buy Junk Cars On Spot for Top Dollar

Do you have an unused car in your garage? Would you like to turn it into cash? We buy junk cars, top dollar paid on the spot!  We not only pay the most for your vehicle we also tow them for free.

There are many car buyers in the area but we are known as being the fairest, most honest and most dependable. Car buying company in the city.

How Do Buy Junk Cars Companies Recycle Vehicles

A lot of people don’t know or are unaware of how the salvage industry works. This article will go over the basic flow of the average junk car buyer programs. This is a small part of a huge industry. We hope is helps you understand more about this beautiful industry.

There are two types of cash for cars companies out there:

  1. Companies that repair and retail automobiles.
    These types of companies will usually lead you to believe they are purchasing your vehicle as junk but in fact, they are not. They are purchasing it for repairing and retailing to the public. Their goal is to get the vehicle as cheap as possible then do the minimum repairs and sell then retail the vehicle to the first person willing to pay the price they are wanting for the vehicle. So many of these companies don’t even have a valid auto dealers license. When dealing with these types of companies protect yourself. Make sure you get a receipt for the sale of the auto. In addition, remove the license plates on your vehicle. This forces whoever is purchasing the vehicle to register it before they can get valid tags.
  2. Salvage car buying companies.
    This is the type of company we are. This cash for cars or type of company specializes in purchasing vehicles for the use of salvage and recycling. We recycle the vehicles for the sole purpose of using to repurpose the parts. You might think that the prices that are paid would be cheaper them the retail buyers but you would be wrong. The parts from late models are in very high demand.The way salvage car buyers make money basically is removing values parts from unwanted cars and trucks. There are several other industries that require parts for them to make money. In the industry, we call them core buyers. They purchase these parts to rebuild them and retail and wholesale them to the public as refurbished parts.

This is also great for the environment because we are not using raw materials to create new products. Thus not polluting and using earth’s valuable resources. There is never a shortage of unwanted cars. We hope to close the gap and keep these unwanted vehicles from polluting our future generations.

Steps to take When Determining What to Do with an old Vehicle

There are some steps you should take before calling us. These steps will assist you in coming to the right choice, to either repair your vehicle or sell it.

Here are a few steps you should take before deciding to sell your vehicle.

  • Determine if the vehicle is worth repairing.
    The best way to do this makes a list of what your vehicle needs to be done to it. The either go to your mechanic or use your favorite search engine and look and see how much the repair costs will be. Based on this you will see if it is worth fixing or better just to get a new vehicle.
  • Figure out if you want a new car note or not.
    This is a tough one. A lot of people will purchase a new vehicle and not understand there are other costs associated with buying a new car. You will need to get full coverage insurance, which in itself will raise your expenses.
  • Locate the paperwork you may need to sell your automobile.
    Do you know where your title is? If not, you will need to locate it or order a new certified copy of your title. In Texas, you have to have a title to sell your vehicle. We do have an in-house program where we are able to purchase your vehicle if you have lost your title. Please call us for more details.

Discuss the options with the family.
This is an often overlooked step. A lot of times either family members have an extra vehicle or they are able to shed some light on if your car is repairable or not.

In Conclusion, We Buy Junk Cars Running or Not and Would Love to be The Company that Purchases Your Vehicle

For a free no obligation quote please call us at 713-592-2576. We will ask a few questions and based on your answers we will give you a quote. We then will schedule your vehicle to be picked up by our wrecker for free.

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