Old Junk Car For Cash?

Important Information I Really Need To Know?

Okay, so it’s that time of year again. School supplies, uniforms, and transportation will need to be addressed. Short on extra cash? Let us at Houston Junk Car Buyers help you! Looking around the yard and see the metal yard art that needs to be gone? In most cases, it is an older fixer-upper that has been set up for years.  You are always gonna start on it but lack of money and time stalls the plans. The thought of restoring an old rusted car into this fast, bright, and running show stopper just makes your heart leap in anticipation.

What’s Wrong with Your Vehicle?

Let’s start at the top and work our way thru the vehicle one detail at a time.  The rust oh the rust it has just taken over. No matter what color the original color was, it’s now just rust. Is the rust just surface rust or is the rust all the way thru the body? How much sanding and Bondo is going to need to be replaced or repaired in order to get just the body in decent shape? Can you do this work yourself? So, if you can’t do the work yourself there is another debt to acquire to repair this pile of rusted metal. If you have the skills or knowledge to do the work yourself that is great! Now, how about painting? Once again the same question arises. Except for this time when the painting is involved it requires a paint both that is regulated by the EPA and or OSHA. There is another added expense!

Finding the value of a junk car?

Let’s pop the hood and start there next. Odds are if it is covered in rust then the rats, mice, and squirrels have destroyed all the wiring. They have made a mess of the wiring and anything else that is nesting material. That is just the obvious and one of the most expensive problems that can occur. Now to make a list of what parts need to be replaced just because the automobile has been sitting. Try to think why it was parked originally, that problem still is out there. We usually don’t park a car for a long period of time for an easy fix. So most likely we are looking at hundreds of dollars in mechanical repairs.  Once again this is one of those can you do it yourself? Or is it best to have it done right?

Next, we need to take a look inside the car. How is all the glass? Is it a complete car or truck? During the winter have some furry friends made a nest? All of these things just cost more money to fix!

Those jet skis and ATV’s collecting dust and are in the way. We can also help get rid of those and boats.

Has the HOA or Local Code Enforcement Officer red-tagged it? The apartments or landlord wants it gone. Let us help you make some money instead of losing out on any CASH. 

At Houston Junk Car Buyers we offer SAME DAY PICK UP in MOST cases!