No Title No Problem

By | January 13, 2020

Hard times are everywhere! We know that it has hit everyone hard. So you may have bought a car without a title to get you to and from work. Now it’s broke down and you don’t even know where to turn. This is where we come in! A vehicle without a title is just junk it might as well be an oversized paperweight. You can not resale this vehicle without fixing the problem. Then next you must get a bonded title, that is going to run another $400 to $600. Yet, the value of the car is less than $500.00 so once again you will be in the hole. It seems to be a vicious circle that has no possible positive end in sight. This is where we come in, we can purchase this as a “JUNK” car. The requirement to classify the automobile as “JUNK” is truly simple in Texas.


In Texas, we are allowed to purchase vehicles without titles for disposal or metal recycling.  In doing so we are required to obtain a bill of sale and proof of identity of the seller. Paying salvage value and offering a free tow is the best we can do. We can purchase your “owned” vehicle and will turn the VIN number into the state on your behalf. This will take the stress and responsibility 0ff of you in order to protect your family. Offering that to all of our local clients.  In most caases we can pay cash pn the spot


Servicing the area for many years we are able to turn this into a quick transaction. Cleaning up 1 scrap project after another we are your go-to when u don’t