Your Old Vehicle Registration Has Expired Sell to a Junk Car Buyer

local junk car buyerYour old worn out vehicle has finally outlived the yearly inspection. Before you can get the new registration, your vehicle must be passed an annual safety inspection. A lot of old junk cars are not able to pass the safety and emissions inspections. It is really expensive to fix emissions problems. Some people are looking for other options. A great opportunity is to sell your old vehicle to a local junk car buyer.

There is a chance you are breaking some home owner’s association rules or city ordinances by not renewing your registration. You could be fined significant amounts of money or have your vehicle impounded and be charged the fees for that.

What to do with Your Vehicle Once You Have Decided Your Vehicle is Junk, Sell it to a Local Junk Car Buyer

Your best option is to sell it to a local junk car buyer for top dollar. This is a natural process and allows you to quickly get rid of it. This also helps you to avoid the hassles of having to sell your vehicle to an individual. Strangers coming to your home, not knowing what kind of person they are could be very dangerous.

The best and safest option is selling your vehicle to a local junk car buyer. These companies are professional and specialize in doing nothing but purchasing old unwanted cars and trucks. We are one of these enterprises. Being located right here in the area allows us to have a special connection with our clients.

City Laws and Other Rules and Regulations Concerning Vehicles with Expired Registration and Inspection

There are so many little cities surrounding the Houston area. Each city has their set of laws. It would be impossible for us to address all of the legislation in each of the cities. The penalties are very expensive. The city can also impound your vehicle and charge you for storage.

Homeowners association could also fine you and tow your old vehicle thus costing you storage fees and even placing a lien on your property. Costing you more money over time then the value of the car.

How Junk Vehicles Can Contaminate the Environment and Lower Your Property Value

If your vehicle is sitting in your garage, driveway, or yard, it could be leaking toxic chemicals into the ground. Not only making a huge ugly mess but also possibly contaminating the area. This in turns lowers the property’s value.

Another good point that must be considered when you have a vehicle parked is the appearance. Abandoned cars promote rodents, unwanted characters and look bad. This could bring in unwanted attention from people that bring trouble.

Companies that deal with purchasing junk cars and trucks are exempt from the registration requirements. This is because they have a special auto dealers license and insurance the state requires to obtain the licenses. This also ensures you are getting a legal transaction. You don’t want to sell your vehicle to a fly by night company that is unable to report the sale to the state.

Note: Apartment complexes will not allow a vehicle registered or not to sit unused or driven for extended periods of time. Some apartments consider 72 hours to be a long time. They will have a towing company tow the vehicle to storage. So simple registering your vehicle is not always the answer to your problems.

How to Handle the Problem of Having Issues with Having a Registered Vehicle

The first thing you should do is figure out if it is worth spending money of fixing the vehicle to be able to pass the state safety inspection and registration. A lot of times the cost of the repairs is more than the value of the car.

Parting Out Your Vehicle or Selling Parts from your Old Unwanted Vehicle

A lot of people have the idea of parting out their old vehicle. This is a bad idea and could be highly illegal. The state of Texas does not allow you to sell parts off of your vehicle because of environmental reasons. Also,” this prevents people from making or parting cars out and having parted out cars sitting everywhere.


The way your local junk car buyer works is they will pick up your vehicle for free then take it to their yard and remove any of the corable items. These are items that are rebuilt or refurbished to sell in auto parts stores.

The remainder of the car will be crushed and shredded. Valuable metals are extracted and go to a refinery. There they are melted down and recycled into new products. This process saves a lot of time, money, and energy resources, so it’s good for the economy and the environment. Double the fun.

How to get a Free Instant Online Car Quote

Getting a free online car quote is very easy and possible. All you have to do is call us at 713-592-2576. When you call we will ask you a few questions and based on your answers, we will give you a quote. Remember we are your local junk car buyer and always offer free towing!