By | May 13, 2019

Automatically when anyone hears ” USED JUNK CAR” you assume it is just that junk. But, is it a ” USED JUNK CAR”?  Sometimes in life, one person’s “JUNK” is someone else’s treasure.



Many factors can help you identify a “USED JUNK CAR”? Ask yourself these questions:

  • Does it run?
  • How old is it?
  • Has family outgrown it?
  • How long has it been sitting up?
  • Missing parts?
  • Has it been flooded?
  • Did it get burnt?
  • Did you wreck it?
  • Has title been lost title?
  • Missed placed your keys?
  • Bad project?
  • Sentimental?
  • Home Owner Association Tickets?
  • Apartments threatening to tow it?
  • Time-sensitive?

Multiple cars can fit all of these or may only meet one of each category. Each person has their reasoning for making this choice.  So what is yours?


Some reasons sound petty but, everyone’s situation is different.  There is not much difference between the two.


Multiple reasons define this. The most obvious one is mechanical issues. Sometime’s the car is above and beyond any repairs then it is just considered finished. Your vehicle may start but not run due to multiple mechanical failures. The part’s plus the labor may cost more than the car is worth.  It breaks down every time you try to go anywhere and creates a tow bill. It scares you to drive it anywhere because it’s not dependable. Fearing you and your family are not safe if you were involved in an accident. Majority of safety features can be is outdated compared with today’s safety guidelines.  Your family has outgrown the size of your current transportation. Whether it be from having another child or your children are grown. Let’s face it; we all abandon some vehicles at some point. All of these point to great example the true definition of an old car



Once again these are just a few examples of a true “JUNK CAR.”  The car art in the front yard or the parking lot at the apartment complex has seen much better days.  The leasing company or the Home Owner Association as well the wife wants it gone. No matter the reason we can help you! At Houston Junk Car Buyer’s we can take away all of these problems. We don’t care if your “JUNK CAR” is wrecked or flooded. Burnt or missing parts your “JUNK CAR” holds some value.  Even when you have misplaced the title or the key’s it still holds value. That “project ” car that has never been finished or the “sentimental” value is not worth the headache you have. So let’s turn all the negatives into a positive and put some cash in your pocket while doing so.



This is where Houston Junk Car Buyers comes in!  Buying “JUNK CAR’S” is something we specialize in. Paying top dollar for “JUNK CARS” is how we have stayed in business for over 50 years. Having 4 locations in the Houston area, we can accommodate almost any schedule. Knowing we always process every vehicle by the state standards our customers have nothing to worry about.



Call 713-592-2576 for a quote. We will need to know a few things before we can give you a price. Asking some simple questions can help us provide you cash in your hand today! After sending our friendly driver to pick up your “JUNK CAR”  signing a few documents you will be free to go about your day. You will be assured that your car will be disposed of properly to protect your family.