Guide to Getting a New Lost Title in Texas to Your Junk Car or Truck

So you have junk cars you want to sell, or you are looking for junk car removal but have lost the title. No problem if the vehicle is in your name. If the vehicle is not in your name, we will cover that too. Junk car removal is not a problem here is how to obtain a lost Texas title.

OK, I have decided to Sell My Car but Can Not Find the title!

We are going to go over the steps you will have to go through to replace a lost title in Texas. A lot of times we get calls from junk carpeople who have lost their title, but the vehicle is in their name. Before we start we want to let everybody know that we are not attorneys or we don’t work for the state of Texas.  We are simply giving you this advice from our experience, nothing more. Always consult with someone who is licensed to give advice.

In Texas, the branch of the state government that covers titles is TXDOT or Texas Department of Transportation. Not your local county tax office. They have offices in almost every major city in Texas. Not all of the TXDOT offices do replacement or duplicate titles for the public. The closest regional TXDOT office can be located at

What do I Need to Replace My Lost Title

There is one form you will need to fill out to replace your title. It is Application for a Certified Copy of Certificate of Title. You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to read these forms. Get it for free from Adobe Acrobat Reader. Complete the form. You will have to have it fully completed, or they will not accept it.

You can either mail it into the state or take it into your regional TXDOT office. These are the best two ways to get your title. Mailing in costs $2.00, in person, costs $5.45 you will need your completed VTR-34 and a copy of your state-issued driver’s license or id.

What If My Lost Title is in both my Name and My Wife’s Name?

You can sign a limited power of attorney for someone else to get the title for you if you can’t get to the title office yourself. With that power of attorney, the people will also need to show their photo ID as well as a copy of yours. This means you will need both your id and your spouses.

What if there is a Lien on my Vehicle But is Paid Off?

If your vehicle has a lien on it but is paid off, you will need what is called a release of lien. If you call your lien holder up and explain to them that you need a release of lien they will know what you need. Make sure that there is a business card with your release of lien. This is in case TXDOT needs to call them and verify them. The state says you need Release of Lien on lien holder’s original letterhead, or if Release of Lien is on the department’s Form VTR-266, the lien holder agent signing the release must attach proof they are, a verified agent of the lienholder, i.e., letter of signature authority on original letterhead, a business card with agent’s name, or a copy of agent’s employee photo ID.

Conclusion How to Get a Copy of my Lost Title Texas

If you have all of the above things done and completed, you should have no problem obtaining a duplicate title to your vehicle. Mailing in can take up to six weeks or longer while going in person you can obtain it in person. Lost car title is not a major problem. Good luck and if you have any questions, please ask away. Remember Houston Junk Car Buyer is your local junk car removal service.

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