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Why Choose Junk My Car:

  • We are five-star junk car buyers. Rated by the people, we have purchased junk cars. We don’t hide the reviews from our customers we like to share them! In fact, we encourage them!
  • Being know for consistently paying the most for your junk car or junk truck on the spot. We are your premier local junk car buyers! Paying you when we pick up the vehicle, not mailing you a check or having you to pick up your funds, like some other companies.
  • We have always given a price guarantee. What we quote you on the phone is what you will receive when our wrecker picks up your vehicle!
  • We offer same day pick up. There is no waiting days or even weeks to have your car picked up. In most cases, we take your vehicle the same day, with no hassles.
  • You will be paid at the time of pickup. When our junk my car representative arrives at your vehicle, you will be paid right then, no waiting on your money or empty promises.
  • HJCBs offer you what none of the other national companies can, honesty, integrity, and satisfaction. Being a family owned and operated business that has been buying junk cars for over 40 years right here in the area! You matter to us!!
  • We enjoy paying you the most for your junk car or junk truck. We look at our customers not as clients but as a family. Because we are enjoying buying junk cars, it shows.

Steps to Junk Car Buyer Removal:

  1. Contact us. You will be asked a few questions about your old junk vehicle. Things like the year make and model
  2. We will ask you if there are any damages or missing parts. Because these vehicles are used for salvage, please take a good look at your vehicle before calling us, noting any damages such as to the body or the interior.
  3. We make you and offer for your vehicle. Your offer is based on your answers, year make, and model, along with the demand for parts from your model. We love junking car and it makes us feel good to know we are saving the environment!
  4. We schedule your car to be picked up at your connivance. Your schedule will never be interrupted with us.
  5. Our wrecker arrives with our junk car buyer and pays you on the spot for your vehicle. There is never a hassle or you have to wait on your money. So many companies will try this, but HJCB never does this!

We welcome both individuals and companies to contact us for their junk car needs. We are your local junk car buyers that pay the most! Nobody beats our prices!

Remember you are selling your vehicle to a local company, thus keeping our local economy going! We are not a huge corporation based out of another state! Our offices are located right here in the Houston areas! selling your car to a local junk car buyer gives you the best service possible!

Receive a Quote from Your Local Junk Car Buyer

Receiving a free no obligation quote from is as easy as picking up the phone and calling 713-592-2576. We will ask you a few questions and based on your answers we will give you a quote and pick up your vehicle for free!


junk car buyer
Junk car Buyer