Flooded Car Buyer, Cash Today!

Flooded Car Buyer will pay you top dollar for your flooded car or flooded truck. Here in the area, it floods anytime we get a hard downpour. We hope that nobody floods their car in these rains, but if you do, we will pay you the most for your vehicle if it does get flooded.

Houston Flooded Car Buyer

Flooded Car BuyerFlooded Car Buyer does buy flooded cars. We will pay you top dollar for your flooded car or flooded truck. For years we have continuously paid the most for flooded cars and trucks. Other companies purchase flooded cars but do not pay much for them.  We have always paid our customers the most for flooded cars and flooded vehicles.

Reasons Flooded Car Buyer Pays the Most for Flooded Cars


We saw other companies we are not paying Houstonians right for their flooded cars. We did not like the fact that these other companies were taking advantage of the situation. We have never taken advantage of our customer’s misfortune.

How to Get a Quote from Houston Flooded Car Buyer

Getting a quote from us is easy! There are two ways. Either call us 713-592-2576 or submit your information on our handy online submission form. We will instantly give you a no obligation quote. We always pick your vehicle up within 24 hours, the same day. When we take your vehicle, we pay you on the spot.

Our wrecker always arrives ready to pay you what we have quoted you. When the wrecker comes, he will need you state issued identification or driver’s license. Our wrecker will give you a salvage bill of sale and your payment on the spot! Yes, it is as easy as that.

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