Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Question Frequently Asked About Junk Car Buyer

Houston Junk Car Buyer gets asked many questions about our Junk Car Buying Program. Here are a few that may Answer your Questions.

Is Houston Junk Car Buyer licensed in Texas?

Yes, we are authorized to purchase junk cars by the State of Texas. Have been for over four decades. We pride ourselves on paying top dollar for junk or none running vehicles on the spot!
What type of vehicles do you purchase?
We will buy any year, any make, or any model. Not caring if your car is running or not. Always paying top dollar for wrecked vehicles, top dollar for flooded vehicles, top dollar for unwanted vehicles, and top dollar for junk cars! So that pretty much covers all of them!

What do we need to sell you our junk vehicle?

A state-issued identification or a driver’s license is required, from you personally, also need a title on the vehicle we are purchasing, allowing us to make sure you are the registered and legal owner of the vehicle. We have to have these to be in compliance with state laws.

What if I have lost my title but my vehicle is in my name can I still sell it to you?

In short, the answer is yes. When you call us for a quote, please have your license plate number or vehicle identification number handy. We will run these to check that the car is free and clear along with it being titled and registered to you.

How does Houston Junk Car Buyer pay for my vehicle?

If we are purchasing your junk car for less than $250.00, we will pay you cash. If we are paying more than that amount, we bring you a bank-issued check from the bank. Keeping drivers safe from potential harm in carrying cash.

What paperwork do you do when picking up my car?

When we arrive, we will look at your identification or driver’s license. We also want to look at the state-issued title to the vehicle we are purchasing. We fill out a short form. Then we require you to sign your name and give us your right thumbprint. We pay you and hook up your vehicle to one of Houston Junk Car Buyer wreckers. Easy as that!!

Houston Junk Car Buyers has your premier flooded car buyer in Houston. We will pay you top dollar on the spot. Flooded Car Buyer in Houston Area We are the.

 How long does it take for Houston Junk Car Buyer to pick up my vehicle?

In most cases, we get your vehicle the same day. If we are able, we will make the best possible attempt to take your car the same day you call us. If it is too late in the day, then we will schedule you for the next day. Also, we always pick up your vehicle the same day and pay top dollar for junk cars! Our goal is not to have you waiting for many days to have your car picked up.

How do I get a Quote on my Junk Car or Truck? Houston Junk Car Buyer makes it Easy, with No Hassles!

Getting a quote is easy as can be from Houston Junk Car Buyer give us a call at 713-429-0532; we will ask you a couple of questions and give a quote. The whole call takes less than five minutes. We will then schedule your vehicle to be picked up at a convenient time that is suited to meet your schedule. Houston Junk Car Buyer is your best choice in the Houston area!

Family owned and operated the small business. We value your junk car business. Your business means something to us. You will not be placed on hold or have you leave a message. A live person answers your call here at Houston Junk Car Buyer!

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