By | May 27, 2019

Selling your junk cars for scrap or parts to a business that pays cash for auto salvage is a good way to realize some of your car’s value. Some salvage lots sell all the parts to other car owners or repair shops for money’ when the owner has a title. When you can only provide a key as proof of ownership they have the car crushed.  Googling ” junk car buyer” will pull up pages and pages of “junk car buyer’s “. Also, some of the pages are going to make false promise’s such as “we pay top dollar.” This is all nice and sweet, but let’s face it. When someone needs to sell any car quickly they want their fast cash now!

Who should I sell my car to?

Houston junk car buyers have been buying cars indirectly from the public since the 1940s. We understand what our community needs. Having a safe company to sell your car to makes a big difference. When we want to make selling your cars to be hassle-free. Knowing you don’t want to hear from the DMV or the local Toll Road Authority about someone who purchased your automobile. While encouraging all of our customer’s to remove the license plate from their own automobiles prior to any sale. Our drivers will kindly remove them for all of our customer’s as part of the sales transaction. We offer clear and honest communication with all of the clients. Wanting fast friendly service that is professional and experienced. Give one of our fast friendly operators a call at  (713)  592-2576 today.

What to expect when my car is picked up?

After you agree to the offer we had made a pick-up time will be arranged. Our friendly driver will arrive at the meeting location and will explain a few documents you must sign. After getting your auto prepared for safe travel they will dispose of your automobile properly. There will be no confusion or drama, it will be just a smooth transaction. Our business is growing from word of mouth or referrals from our clients.  Being proud of honoring the three – F’s is why our business is continuing to grow.