We Buy Cars for Cash the Same Day

We, at Junk Car Buyer, purchase cars on the spot. Yes, we will come and pick up your car on the same day you contact us for a quotation. There is no need to wait days for your car to be picked up or for your cash to be delivered; you get it immediately!

We have four sites in the region. We are not junk car buyers from another town or even another country! Our headquarters are located on-site! Avoid organizations that use a local phone number but are really situated in another state or even another country! They harvest and sell your information to the highest bidder.

We Have the Most Comprehensive Cars for Cash Program

Our Cars for Cash service is unique in that it is designed to assist you in earning top pay for your car, whether it is operating or not! Yes, we pay a premium for your car, whether it is operating or not. Our Cash for Cars service has been simplified to benefit those who are pressed for time and looking for the best price for junk cars.

While the majority of car-buying programs take well over an hour, ours takes less than 10 minutes. We will take care of all of the paperwork and vehicle transfer process on your behalf, relieving the joint tension that comes with selling a car. We may tell the state that we acquired your car since we are licensed by the state.

What Sets Your Junk Car Buyer Program Apart from the Competition

  • We are Local
    We are situated in the neighborhood and have been for over 40 years. Our organization now operates four sites around the city. To provide a superior level of service to our customers.
  • Family owned and operated
    We are a family-owned and managed junk car buyer in your neighborhood. There are few licensed and bonded junk car purchasers in the region; we are the oldest in Texas that we are aware of.
  • We are known for paying the most
    Due to our longevity in business, we have created partnerships that allow us to offer you a higher price for your wrecked or unwanted car.
  • Free towing with ever purchase of vehicle
    Yes, we provide complimentary towing for all automobiles we acquire. This is not a gimmick, since other providers may try to undercut your pricing or subtract towing from your total.
  • We don’t resell your vehicle
    Numerous ‘junk car buyers’ will acquire your vehicle with the intention of repairing and reselling it. This is not what we do.
  • We recycle
    Our first objective in acquiring your car is to recycle it. So many cars rust in a driveway or junk yard.

Are you in need of a buyer for your old vehicle?

You have arrived at the correct location. We are always interested in purchasing junk cars and other unwanted vehicles. Leave the others behind; you’ve discovered the greatest! We want your business and recognize that you have a lot of options. We value our consumers so much that we treat them like family! Make a call to us!

How can you get a quote from your program to buy junk cars?

Excellent question! Obtaining a quotation from us is simple. The easiest method is to contact us via phone at 713-429-0532. After that, we’ll ask you a few questions regarding the car you’re selling. We will provide you with a price based on your responses. Bear in mind that we purchase junk cars and tow them for free!