The Best Junk Car Buyers Houston

Junk Car Buyers Houston

Are you looking for junk car buyers Houston? You have come to the right website! We will pay you the absolute best for your vehicle running or not. Will not only purchase your truck but tow it for free. Yes, I said free towing on all cars we are buying. We do this for our customer’s connivance.

Our goal at Car Buyers Houston is to not only pay you the best for your vehicle but to give you the best customer care you have ever received. We pride ourselves on treating people the way we want to be! We are your absolute best choice for junk car buyers, Houston.

We Buy Junk Cars Houston Areas

We specialize in purchasing unwanted vehicles from people in Houston and surrounding areas. We have been doing this for over 40 years. From day one we buy junk cars in Houston. This has always been our goal and still will be what our business does.

Because we specialize in purchasing unwanted cars and trucks, this means that our business has developed relationships that provide an advantage of being able to sell the parts off of vehicles for a higher market price. Thus saying we can pay you more.

There are a lot of Junk Car Buyers Houston but only one of us

With so many junk car buyers Houston, how do you tell which one to go with? Well, below we will list a few differences that set us apart from the others!

Things that set Houston Junk Car Buyer apart from those other companies:

  • We are local
    Being local means that we are located in Houston, in fact, four locations. If you have a problem, you can visit us at our office. Most car buyers you find online are located in another state or even another country!
  • Been in business for over 40 year’s right here in Houston
    We have been and continue to be based out of Houston, Texas. Houston Car Buyers is very proud of this fact! Being from here helps a lot.
  • Licensed in the State of Texas to purchase vehicles
    We have the proper licenses and bond from the state of Texas. When we buy your vehicle, it means that we can notify the state that we purchased your vehicle. Out of state, buyers are not able to do this.
  • Family owned and operated
    From day one we have been family owned and operated. We love this fact because we stick to our family values. This also means there is not a guy in a corporate office making decisions without being experienced with customers.
  • We care about our customers
    Junk Car Buyers Houston cares about our customer experience. We want you to have a painless and simple experience.

Above mentions just a few of what sets Houston Junk Car Buyer apart from the other car buyers out there. We did not mention all of them.

How to get a Quote from Car Buyers Houston

Getting a quote from us is very easy just give us a call at 713-592-2576. We will ask you a couple of questions about your vehicle. Like is it running what’s a matter with it and a few other questions? Based off of your answers we will give you an estimate on what we are willing to pay for it. We are your best choice for car buyers, Houston.

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