We Buy Junk Cars

We Buy Junk Cars Running or Not

We purchase junk cars in any condition, running or not. On the moment, top money is provided with free towing. Being a local car buyer and having our headquarters in Houston benefits both of us. As a locally owned business, we are able to appreciate the specific demands of our fellow Houstonians.

What Happens to The Junk Cars We Buy Under Our Program

You’re considering selling your old junk automobile to us and are curious about what will happen to it. Here is a basic description of how an old junk car gets recycled once we acquire it. This is going to be a fascinating post, so sit back, get a cup of coffee, and kick up your legs.

The good news is that about 99 percent of your scrap car gets recycled into new useful material. No other product is recycled as much as metal. Must people believe that cans and glass are the most recycled materials when, in reality, autos and auto components are the most recycled?

The Very First Thing That Happens

In the yard, your automobile is dismantled piece by piece. The components are then reconditioned and prepared for resale to a core buyer. Core clients refurbish used components to make them as good as new and resell them to parts companies.

Additionally, body pieces are removed and sold to body shops, salvage yards, and other odd locations. This effectively breathes fresh life into your junk car!

Also, the fluids in your car contribute significantly to environmental pollution. Not to worry, these are all recyclable as well. By recycling them, we are reusing them and preventing them from leaking onto the ground and contaminating our ecosystem.

The remainder of the frame and any metal components are shredded in a massive shredder developed specifically for autos. Your old receipts are placed into the machine’s top and promptly shredded. They emerge out the other end in half-dollar size.

These metal pieces the size of a half-dollar are then shipped to various smelters to be melted down and converted into fresh useable raw metal. This reclaimed metal may be transformed into a new vehicle, chair, or even a home.

Metal is not the only material recycled. Additionally, tires and interiors are recycled into new and useable components. Tires are separated from rims, and tires are recycled separately, while rims are recycled as well.

The tire is shredded into small bits in a different shredder, and the metal is separated; the metal belts are recycled into useful metal components. The pure rubber is utilized in a variety of applications, including playgrounds, other tires, and components. Additionally, new tires include around 14% recycled elements.

When you buy or view a new car, keep in mind that around 30% of the materials used in prior vehicles are recycled. This is environmentally friendly and keeps local jobs occupied.

This is Why We Buy Junk Cars

The objective is to recycle all automobiles, operating or not. Each car we acquire comes with a complimentary tow. To obtain a free, no-obligation quotation, please contact us at 713-429-0532 and request one under the we buy junk cars program.