Junk Car Buyer Pasadena Pays Top Dollar and Tows for Free

Junk Car Buyer Pasadena is number one. Because our company has been purchasing vehicles in the Pasadena area for over 40 years, this means we are well known in the area. Being an area local junk car buyer company, your car will be picked up the same day. There is no waiting for days to get picked up, like so many other companies.

Our speedy pickups and excellent customer service have put us above the rest! We are a real junk car buyer, not a lead company that sells your information to the highest bidder.

Types of Vehicles We Purchase for Top Dollar

We buy running, or none is running cars on the spot for top dollar. Is the City of Pasadena threatening to tow or fine you for a vehicle, turn it into cash instead of it costing you money with fines and having to keep the registration current?

Below is a shortlist of the types of vehicles we purchase:

  • Wrecked
    If you have a vehicle that has been in a wreck, we want to pay you top dollar for it.
  • Unwanted
    If you have a junk or unwanted car and would like to sell it, we will purchase it.
  • Flooded
    We know how Pasadena floods, these cars are no good, we can make you a very fair offer and tow it for free.
  • RV’s or Recreational Vehicles
    This is a standard item we purchase all the time. If you have an RV that is 2005 and newer, we want to purchase them. They must not have a roof leaking.
  • Travel Trailers
    Travel Trailers, we do purchase them and pay top dollar for these. The only requirement is they cannot have a roof leak.

Do We Have to Bring Our Vehicle to You?

The simple answer to this question is no. We will pick up your car or truck free of charge. So many other companies charge for having to take your vehicle, we never have and will never charge.

We will send a tow truck out with your payment. There is no waiting for payment or any unneeded hassles. Our wrecker will arrive, pay you and give you a salvage bill of sale. Keep the bill of sale for your records.

How to Get a Quote for Junk Car Buyer Pasadena Texas

Obtaining a free no-obligation quote is as easy as picking up the phone and calling Junk Car Buyer Pasadena at 713-429-0532. We will ask you a few questions about your vehicle and give you a quote based on your answers. When you agree to the quote we schedule you to be picked up at your convenience.

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